Updated November 2008

Bisch Web Cam Schneeberg - View From The Hill Ochsenkopf - West Ochsenkopf - East View from 303  Today's Weather

Bischofsgruen Marketplace Web Cam - New Location!

Webcam Bischofsgruen

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Schneeberg's New Web Cam - A View from THE HILL!

You Can Only See The HILL During Daylight Hours

Direct Link to Web Cam & Archive Pictures

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Ochsenkopf looking towards the West:

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Ochsenkopf looking towards the East:

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Herzlich Willkommen - View From 303



Today's weather on Ochsenkopf:

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 Albert-Schweitzer-Schule Kassel, Germany, Skilanglauftrainingslager Fichtelberg 2001

Old Links etc......

Update: April 21, 2004.

For those who would like to capture web cam images, I have found this utility program useful:

SBWebCamCorder: WebSite and WebCam Capture Utility



Click here for web cam for web cams for the surrounding area.

Click here for the "Neu Koesseine Web Cam Neu".  The web cam is working again!

Here's a new one I discovered in February 2003 which has a nice variety of information and pictures about the Fichtelgebirge area (click on the Fichtelgebirge button) to include a web cam and time lapse movie from Ochsenkopf.

Updated February 20, 2003:  Here's another interesting web site which has pages with links to web cams of the Schneeberg area to include some current still photos of Gasthaus Seehaus.  There are pages for Fichtelberg 2002 and 2002.  For some reason the 2002 web page links don't work as well as the 2001 web page links ... oh well have an adventure!

Ochsenkopf web cam - west.

Ochsenkopf web cam - east.

Bischopsgruen web cam.

Updated April 16, 2003:

Here's another web cam and weather for Bischofsgruen  In addition a "home page for Bischofsgruen".

Two more area (Schneeberg and Ochsenkopf) links with interesting pictures and description (German language) of the area and its attractions.

Updated October 20, 2003:

Nice photos of the Hill and various features.


Drop the "schneeberg" and you get a nice map of the Fichtelgebirge complete with a link to the Kossein cam.






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