(January 11, 2004 update to include USA and Germany)  Hold on this may take a while to load for those of us with slow modems .....

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This may not work on your computer.  I am running IE Explorer 5.5 and all is well.  If all you get is an unloaded image your browser may not support the image map script.  If it does you will get a map of the USA and Germany with map pins.  Place your cursor over the map pin and the name and location of the person will appear.  With this update I am trying a new "script" on the USA map - hope it works for you all.  Let me know if you experience problems.  Sorry if I missed anyone .... Just let me know and I will include you in the next revision.


 See the USA Map by Clicking here.




See the Bisch Map here!

Click here to download Bischofsgruen area map (larger area/image than above).