OK guys and gals ..... I am not an attorney just a simple folk from down on the farm and I just want you to know this web site is neither "secure" or "private" .  What this means is any of the photos and text is available to anyone who has Internet access.  I have not "blocked" folks from being able to download any of the web pages, photos, text etc.  or created a "key club" or  password accessed web site as I have not wanted to limit access or availability for those trying to find our memories.  If for any reason you find any of the photos which contain your image or text concerning you which is offensive please just Email me Here and ask to have it removed.  (BTW I have only had two requests since 1999 to remove a picture.)

Since 1999 when the web site was first published many things have changed with regard to using the Internet.  Today with increased concerns about  identity theft and no practical way to block "spam email" many folks have chosen to "retreat from Internet use".  I still have faith that most folks are honest and the advantages of the Internet far out weigh its disadvantages.  I suppose that is the price of freedom, but it has allowed many folks to be able to reconnect with old friends and memories which would never have happened without an open Internet. 

Here's the "copyright notice" ..... don't copy any of these images, guest book entries, bulletin board messages or text for commercial use without expressed written consent.  You can request same from Request to Copy Stuff.  If you want to copy this "stuff" because you are a former member of the ASA or friend/s of ASA persons stationed at Det J that's OK but please respect the dignity of those of us who served.  Fair warning .....

Thanks Phil Ward