(Updated  March 10, 2002)

We are trying to locate "vets"  from the 70's when the site reopened .... your help would be appreciated.  Thanks to Gene Looram, Archie Justice and Brad Oberklaus who have contributed.


Click here to send any comments, feedback or information you might have to locate or identify those who "survived" Schneeberg in the 70s .... I understand the site went back to being temporary and "mobile".


Wow! Thanks Tom for the quick feedback .....Hope we can identify all the folks.

October 26, 2001

The photo taken in 1970 was for a volleyball game.  The person on the far right is Lt. John Stevens, bald guy in the front is NCOIC Gary Magner.  Black guy behind Magner is Al Gray - maint., black guy in the middle is Woody - can't remember last name but he was an MP.  The eye on the very far left just barely in the picture is me (I think).  It was the summer of 1970 and we had a great party with family and locals. It was also one of those wonderful days that you never forget.

Tom Mara



e-mail recieved from Gene Looram Jan. 2002:


The pic is from the winter 1975/6 after our official return to Schneeberg.  We called it, very originally, Det S.  Actually, then Col Freeze of 507th ASA Gp in Augsburg, sent the 326th ASA Co to check out Schneeberg in the summer of '74.  We were forced off by snow the end of October but returned again in Spring 1975.  It was decided to PCS 25 people in October, 1975 and I was the Det Cdr until shortly before I retired in Jan, '81. My memory for names is not the best but here are some of

>From left to right, not using rows:

1. Chuck Hackett

2. Brad Oberklaus

3. Czech 98G

4. 98C married with young baby, found alcoholic former postman lying dead in his living room. Rented from daughter of dead postman.

5. Steve Flatley

6. Russell Thomas, last living SP6

7. Nick Salvador, went to Wobeck on PCS switch

8. Hidden ???

9. ???

10. Mike Drake, married Monika Scherm, divorced at Vint Hill Farms

11. ???

12. 98J, worked with Scott Becht

13. Gene Looram

14. Knowitall 72E

Scott was probably holding the camera. Don't know where the other 10 people are. The shed behind us was torn down by a German who hauled it away in Spring '76. Only bldg we could use was old single car garage. We worked out of vehicles for over 2 years. Site was primitive. Germans were pissed that we were back because the site had been promised to them before Freeze decided to use it. Hope this helps.

Gene Looram


February 10, 2002

Archie Justice writes ......

As far as who is in the Scott Becht picture, Gene Looram has done a far more thorough job than I every could--I arrived in June of 1976, and most of these names were only familiar from reading entries in the pass-on book. I few names I remember from that era that aren't listed in EHL's list, in hopes that they might jog his memory:

Randy Bombadier aka "Bomber" - 98GRU

Terry Cato - 98C

"Fast" Eddie Kurtz - 33

Paul Peterson - 98J (actually I'd have said #3 is Paul)

Jim Callewaert - 98C

Ed Schneeflock - 98GCZ

Donna Buxton - 98GCZ

Walt Alexander - 98J (#12)

Dave Smith - 98GRU

Rick Holcomb - 98GCZ (may have been post 6/97)

Bob Stack - 72E

Jerry Underwood - 98GCZ

husband and wife team (Shumate?) -- 72E and no idea ...

I've missed some names, but hey, I spent half my first year on guard duty! I'm short by a couple of linguists--just can't place who they would be.  Mark Tegels perhaps? Ron LaForte, Rich Kaskan, Tarver, Lambert, H. Peters all came later I think.  One more comes to mind -- Mike Trudel. He left before I got there but was one of the long-timers.  And then a couple of more names come to mind ...

John Jelte - 98GRU

Duane "Larry" Peoples - 98GRU

My guesses as to the whereabouts of the other 10 Gene can't locate:

4 on guard duty

1 on phone watch

5 on the Edeka-Bindlach run


Brad Oberklaus writes ......

Message: Great web site Phillip. I was there from approx. Jan 76 to Jan 77. As EHL mentioned earlier Det S reopened sometime in 1976 to be permanently manned. I was one of the original 25. Since there were so many MOS's to be filled by only 25 people those with multiple skills were selected. I was a 36K "wire commo" who could speak some German and had some typing skills. I also spent some time as an MP back in Augsburg, Flak Kassern. These skills meant I spent alot of my time on guard duty and typing for EHL. If memory serves me correctly, I in fact took this picture. This explains why I am in the #2 position reading from left to right.


1-Chuck Hackett 98G Czech

2-Brad Oberklaus 36K,71L,95B

3-Rich Bodel 98G Czech

4-Mike Trudel 98C Czech

5-Steve Flatley 05F

6-Russ Thomas 98G Czech

7-Nick Salvador 05F

8-Scott Becht 98G Czech

9-Mike Hakanson (I don't remember & neither does he)

10-Mike Drake 98?

11-Ed Kurtz 33? (Signal Maint.)

12-Walt Alexander 98C?

13-Gene Looram 98G German

14-John Mentz Teletype Mech.