Michael "Mike" Grube's extensive SIGINT web site  HERE

Click below for links on his web site which may be of particular interest:

    The British Listening Post at Elm

    Meissner and the German Army Towers

    Wurmberg - La Fair Vite North

    Diesdorf - A Soviet Listening Post

    Brocken - Soviet/GDR Listening Post

    Berlin - A summary about SIGINT in Berlin

    Stoeberhai - About those German "missile towers"!

Under the heading "Funk- und Fernmeldeaufklärung" on the page http://www.lostplaces.de/inhalt-thema.html  there are links to 12 pages of info and photos of Bundewehr, US, French, Russian and East German spy sites/towers.


German web site www.gssr.de (which is an interesting place to visit) and directly at http://www.gssr.de/MYSTISCHES/schoeningen.htm