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Bennett Edgar
Casciato Joe
Chavez Pablo
Cook Gene
Ellis Joseph
Johnson John
Kurapka Jim
Nichols Richard
Nielsen Otto
Patton Lee
Rowland Clyde
Sarisky Emil
Schreier Harold
Schremser Ronnie
Siocum Gilbert
Soden Vern
Swiderski Frank


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Mahring Reunion 2003

The following was sent to Nelson Johnson this week: Our group of ASA veterans from the Tirschenreuth/Mahring site have been getting together since 1979. We first tried to do it every 5 years, our first reunion was in Indianapolis, and our 2nd in 1984 was Tirschenreuth.  Since then the timing has been altered to every 2 years. We have met in Bozeman, MT., Milwaukee, WI., Cincinnati, OH., and Knoxville, TN.  In addition to the every 4 year return to Tirschenreuth. We were last in Tirschenreuth in1999, and had scheduled a return visit this year.  Due to the world situation (and the anti-American stance being shown by the Germans and French) we decided to defer our European visit until next year and to gather in Adamstown as an alternate site.  We have been to Adamstown on several occasions over the year but not as a stop on our "official" reunion sites.  Those attending this year were: Ed and Erika Bennett, their daughter Ellen, her husband Joe and daughter Amber with other friends., Joe and Resi Ellis, Pablo and Suzie Chavez, Bill and Fran English, Emil and Traudl Sarisky, and daughter Christina, Jim and Marian Kurapka, Vern and Betsy Soden, and Betsy's sister Beverly, John and Faye Johnson, and our friends Bud and Rita Geisslerand,  Gerda Gorby a native of Tirschenreuth.

We call our Group "Detachment KII/318th ASA Bn. and it consists of roughly 12 active veterans and their spouses. Others periodically join us but not on a regular basis. Most of our group were Czech linguists stationed at the Mahring site on the WestGermany/Czech Border just North of Pilsen.   Hope this is enough background on our group and the reason for our being in Adamstown when you saw us. We were all delighted that you made the effort to come see us and we enjoyed so much chatting with you and ?Jack?. We so liked the caps that you gave us, that I have ordered 12 from your source, but indications were that "present tense" ones were more readily available. I look forward to receiving your newsletter and be assured that some of us will be showing up at future reunions of your group.  regards, John

Reunion 2003 Photo: