Friends who are now deceased:


Herbert Robison


Dec. 2000

Joe (Joseph S.) Mulligan


June 2004

Richard Hanson


Dec. 2005

Pete Ninos


Dick Routt


June 2006

Gary E. Magner


Jan. 2001

Kenny Aid (Late 50's stationed at Schneeberg)

Ken was a Cz linguist.  He went on to take a law degree at Boalt Hall and practiced in Los Angeles for the next forty years.  His clients were mostly indigent juveniles and immigrants and Ken never got rich.  But he had a wonderful marriage and he was the mainstay  of his entire family!



Al Gray

Al was on Schneeberg from 1969 until the Hill closed in Dec 1970.

July 2008
Lt. Col. Lawrence Newton Medlin U.S. Army (Ret.)


Aug. 2008
Colonel John McFadden


June 2008
Thomas “Flapper” Ellis, IV


Nov. 2008


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